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88TH Texas Legislature

Welcome to the TAHC&H Resource Center for the 2023 Texas Legislative Session! Here you'll find resources for the 88th Legislature including information about relevant bills, grassroots advocacy, and weekly updates from our lobby team. We also share tools to help you advocate for home care to your legislators. For more information, please contact (512) 338-9293 or


Take Action

Advocate Toolkit

Click below to learn how to be an effective grassroot advocate! We offer materials that train you to lobby, give testimony, and more.

Give Testimony

Once you're training up, give testimony at key committee hearings to speak directly to lawmakers tasked with formulating health policy and appropriating funds for Medicaid services:

Texas Senate Finance Committee Webpage & Hearings

Texas Senate Health & Human Services Webpage & Hearings

Texas House Webpage & Hearings 

Email your legislators

LINKS + RESources

Social media

Reaching out to public officials on social media can encourage them to take action.



Useful hashtags


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